Day 93: Walk by Faith

After careers in the business and political worlds I came to work at the Rose-Mary Center. What a difference! The culture at Rose-Mary was one of self giving as opposed to one of self preservation in the secular world. The goal for all was to make a positive difference in someone’s life rather than financial gain.

The children and adults we serve are an inspiration. They are completely dependent on us for assistance in their basic daily living activities yet remind us daily that we need to be like them in many ways. We need to recognize our own weaknesses and trust in others to overcome them. St Paul tells the Corinthians that we walk by faith and not by light. They were a sophisticated people and they needed a reminder that we are to live by faith in the Lord committed to things we cannot see and trust that if we hold onto his values we will prosper with blessings not of this world

Our parents and families inspire us as well. Many are the occasions when I have sat with worried moms and dads in emergency rooms or surgical family waiting areas while a life hung in the balance. These were times when conversations turned to their acceptance of the difficulties they faced as parents of fragile children. They explained how they came to trust in the Lord to guide them through. They truly walk by faith and not by light.

It has been nearly two decades since I began my ministry at Rose-Mary Center. It has truly been a time of unbelievable spiritual growth for me and as I look back on the circumstances that led me here I too recognize the gentle call from above that opened my ears to a greater good.

 -Ray D., Rose-Mary Center Employee