Day 90: St. Martin de Porres

The Senior Department at St. Martin de Porres serves up to sixty-five individuals a day. Some attend for the full five-hour program and others just come in to partake in the daily lunch.

A lovely couple came in daily to have lunch. They would converse with the people at their table and leave shortly after. The wife became ill and was hospitalized for an extended length of time. During her stay at the hospital her husband continued to come to the center to have lunch and receive the support of the seniors and staff during his difficult time.

One day, while driving between the center and the hospital the husband was in a car accident. He could no longer drive and had to be admitted to a rehab facility. The staff remained in contact with the family so that the seniors who were eager to know could be kept up to date with the condition of both the husband and wife.

Sadly, the wife passed away not long after. The seniors at the center were quite saddened when they received the news. Center staff made transportation arrangements for those seniors that had the desire to attend the funeral and pay their respects.

One day, the husband called and mentioned he was interested in receiving transportation to and from the center so that he could continue in the lunch program. Arrangements were made and he began to attend the center daily for the five-hour program.

Today, he is still excited to come everyday and has been participating in the exercise classes. He socializes with the other seniors and has commented that he didn’t realize what he had been missing.

What started out as just an opportunity to have lunch amongst peers has turned into a time for socialization and fun. This gentleman takes full advantage of the services offered by the center from the emergency food bag to supportive services in helping him link to other resources in the community. He has expressed his gratefulness for what the senior center has to offer him and the fellowship with staff and seniors. While he misses his wife, he is happy to have his days filled with people to intermingle with and not be home alone.

 -Submitted by Patrica P., St. Martin de Porres


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