Day 84: The Shoreway

Over 100 years ago, a hospital was built on the near-west-side of Cleveland: St. John Hospital.  For nearly a century, the hospital stood as a cornerstone in the Detroit Shoreway community, and when it closed in the 1980’s many feared it could be the end of the neighborhood.

It was then that St. Augustine Health Ministries was looking for a new home to grow and expand their services – and in a bold move, the building underwent a multi-million dollar renovation to become St. Augustine Manor.  St. Augustine Manor grew to include St. Augustine Towers – and then into an entire Health Campus that anchored the west end of the Shoreway.

But the growth didn’t stop there…

St. Augustine grew it’s ministry further to include Child Care by establishing the Child Enrichment Center which serves families of the entire community.  Soon after, Catholic Charities moved it’s administrative headquarters into a wing of the Manor in an effort to be better stewards of resources, and to foster a better sense of mission-connection.  Other offices within Catholic Charities began to move to the area as well – and today over 800 Catholic Charities employees (out of 1,200 total employees) call the Detroit Shoreway are their “home base” for work.  All told, close to $25 million has been invested into the St. Augustine Health Campus area in an effort to better serve the people of Cuyahoga County and Northeast Ohio.

Bishop Pilla helped establish the Sagrada Familia Parish on the Health Campus int he late 1990’s – furthering outreach to the Hispanic community in the neighborhood and continuing to establish a strong Catholic presence in the area.

Today, the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood is thriving – full of up-and-coming areas including the Gordon Square Arts District.  Without a doubt, Catholic Charities has contributed greatly to this great Cleveland neighborhood!