Day 80: Against the Wall

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Dennis McNulty and Marilyn Scott, of Cleveland Catholic Charities Disability Services, are to be commended for the help they gave me when I felt up against the wall with the school that educates my special needs 20 year old son, Nathan.

With most public schools that educate the special needs population, they have to educate them until they turn 22. The High School that Nathan attends was trying to get him to leave earlier than his 22nd birthday by saying there was nothing more they could do for him. They wanted him to advance to a work program which his father and I both thought he was not ready for.

Dennis and Marilyn took so much of their time to coach me as to what my rights were and what I should express to the High school. They also talked to me about a work program for when Nathan does leave the high school. Dennis and Marilyn were also very helpful when we were ready to apply for SSI for Nathan by leading us in the right direction once again. What an amazing team they are.

Catholic Charities is very fortunate to have these two outstanding employees. The end result is that Nathan is at the high school for one more year, and will graduate from there in 2013. He is also on SSI. I am grateful for people like Dennis and Marilyn.

Jeannine N. ~ St. Augustine Manor Employee