Day 74: Annie’s Story

When Annie first enrolled in the Summit County Adult Day Service program, she was depressed not only due to multiple health issues but also because her husband was recently diagnosed with cancer. She relied on the use of a wheelchair and depended on staff to assist in almost every aspect of her day.

As time progressed, and relationships formed Annie’s true personality evolved into more than the staff ever anticipated. Not only did she begin to walk independently, she became an advocate to both peers and the program itself. Being a strong family oriented woman and her undying devotion to her faith, Annie remained inspirational to others that were facing their own life challenges.

Annie took pride in involving herself in all activities. She became a cheerleader, not only for herself, but for the other clients in her beloved Rainbow Room, encouraging them to participate and stay active. On one occasion Annie who was participating in the “Miss CYO Pageant” moved the audience to tears as she talked about her love for the program and how it had truly changed her life.

Annie also had a way of keeping the staff on their toes. One afternoon during snack, Annie decided that one milkshake just wasn’t enough. As the staff was handing them out, she snuck one off the cart and ran with it laughing the whole way. Her zest for life and her feisty personality always put a smile on everyone’s face.

Despite recent health challenges, Annie continues to attend when able. She remains an inspiration to all. The love she has for the program and her friends keeps her motivated to face each and every day with fight.