Day 61: Professional Development

A sweet memory from a former employee at Rose-Mary Center starts off our week of story sharing…

I worked at Rose-Mary Center as the HR Assistant from July 2001- November 2006 and would recommend it to anyone seeking a great place for a career.

Rose-Mary Center touched me from the first time I set foot in the door. I’ll always remember how the Rose-Mary journey began…the day of my interview. Driving up the hill as I watched the trees sway in the warm air of late spring. Seeing a group of staff interact with residents on the lawn out front. Loving the architecture of the Grasselli and Delaney homes.

As I came to the door early on a beautiful May morning, I was greeted with a warm “Good morning.” by Lucy Vlach and Susan Goodman as I walked in the front door. Clare McElroy manned the front desk and treated me equally as well. Just over an hour later, I walked out with a sense of belonging. Two days later, he called with an offer just as I was about to leave for a long weekend away.

I always considered RMC the best 5 years of my professional life so far and would love to contribute again one day.

-Ron C.

Working for a Catholic health and human service organization that serves all people is more than a job. You’ll experience the satisfaction of expressing your professional capabilities and experience the opportunity to value the persons you serve and work with. We think that’s worth plenty in today’s world. Catholic Charities is looking for dedicated men and women for the following positions who are committed to excellence in health and human services.

Visit the employment section of our website to learn about current openings and opportunities to work with Catholic Charities:


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