Day 43: A spiritual lifeline

When Holy Family Home & Hospice joined the Catholic Charities family of services in 2005, Sr. Margaret Mary McAuliffe became a tangible reflection of God’s devine plan. She represents the peace, joy, and hospitality that is waiting to welcome us to our eternal home.

Following a long and successful career as a Catholic educator, Sr. Margaret Mary stepped into her new calling as a pastoral care minister with the compassion and gentleness with which few are gifted.

At a time when patients and families are most vulnerable as they face the end of life, the tender, warm, loving presence of Sr. Margaret Mary brings a comfort that is unexpected, welcomed and necessary. She calms the fears and replaces them with a faith and preparedness that are unfamiliar.

Sr. Margaret is a spiritual lifeline, a role model, and readily shares her deep love of Jesus with everyone she encounters.

Little does Slider know he is being blessed by one of the best! Slider and Sr. Margaret pose after an afternoon of resident visits. (Photo courtesy of Holy Family Home)

Join us this Sunday as we give thanks for special employees like Sr. Margaret Mary, for the donors who support us, the clients who allow us to serve them, the leadership who guides us, and above all to God for blessing us for the past 100 years.


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