Day 33: The Gift of Sight

Flora came to Catholic Charities Lorain Family Center (AKA: 8th Street) to take advantage of an eyeglass exam and voucher program provided by Catholic Charities. The eye exam was administered by Dr. Mark Davis and the eyeglass voucher’s offered through Prevent Blindness Ohio and Eye Masters.

Flora was having daily headaches due to the lack of glasses that met her needs. She had not had an eye exam for several years. In her words she “knew my sight” had changed but was living on unemployment with no insurance, and therefore, she couldn’t afford an eye exam or glasses. She was able to receive an eye exam at Catholic Charities and soon after received an eyeglass voucher from Prevent Blindness.

Flora then went to Eye Masters and picked out a new pair of glasses. Flora now has fewer headaches and can see much better. She told us that in the past she was always in a position to have access to things like glasses and it became very “humbling and beautiful to need and have no way to get them” except through Catholic Charities.

Flora was so grateful for Catholic Charities for providing her with the means to receive the “gift of sight.”

Catholic Charities remains committed to collaboration.  Instead of duplicating services across the region, we focus on amplifying those services for clients in need.  Our family centers serve as doorways to services in a variety of ways – our partnership with Prevent Blindness Ohio is just one of many opportunities we have to improve the lives and well-being of Northeast Ohioans.


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