Day 12: A Tale of Two Families

When we asked employees throughout Cleveland Catholic Charities to share stories for this blog they delivered.   However, if we had to award a prize for “most creative” story – this would surely win.

Without further adieu, a real-life Fairy-Tale from Cleveland Catholic Charities (shared exactly as it was submitted)!  You can click on each picture to view in it full-size.

Early Childhood Center at Arbor Park
100 Years in the Making

A Tale of Two Families…

Once upon a time there were two families who attended our fair center.

The first family had two little princesses.
The first born girl, Princess Naya, was sent as an infant to Arbor Park to learn how to be the best princess ever.

As Princess Naya grew, her mother trusted that the staff at this center would teach and love her princess.

Princess Naya’s mother had nothing to fear.
She soon came to love Arbor Park as she saw her little girl blossom.

Her proudest day was seeing her little princess move on from Arbor Park and head out into the kingdom to further her education.

Princess Naya’s mother loved our fair center so much, she sent her second infant girl, Princess Niya to be loved & taught by our staff, too.

….and now Princess Naya has returned to Arbor Park as a successful first grader in our aftercare program. Her mother states our center gave her the will to succeed.

Our second tale starts with two sisters. Queen Tia & Queen Nika.

Queen Tia & Nika came to Arbor Park to volunteer while both were still in high school. Soon Queen Tia was with child.
Queen Tia placed her baby infant, Princess Raya into our center & soon Queen Nika was expecting as well.

Both sisters were encouraged to further their education so they could provide for their little princesses. They set off to school. Princess Kiki & her cousin Princess Raya were happy to stay at our center.

The staff at Arbor Park got to watch Princess Kiki grow into an adorable little toddler & Princess Raya into a beautiful Preschooler.

Princess Raya has gone off to school, but Princess Kiki remains at Arbor Park, with one year left before she leaves us for Kindergarten.

Queen Tia & Queen Nika both graduated with Associates & work with the same company. Both queens still refer our center to other parents for their little princes & princesses.

…and they all lived happily ever after.

Every life has a story to tell.  Some are short stories.  Some are epic novels.  Some are historical.  Some are fiction.  Some are dry and dull.  Some are full of suspense and action.  Some take place in far off lands.  Some happen in your own back yard.  Some are romantic.  Some are tragic.  And some… some are nothing short of a fairy-tale.


One Comment on “Day 12: A Tale of Two Families”

  1. Janet Lucha says:

    Thank you so much for those kind words. I truly enjoyed putting this together. It has a much better impact in the slide show version with the background music.

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