Day 8: We have to give a little more…

Fatima Family Center, located in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood, provides programs and services for all ages, including an early learning center, Head Start, cultural, leadership and development activities for children and youth, homework assistance, summer camp, field trips and recreational programs. Fatima also provides adult services including parenting classes, computer lab, health screenings and food pantry. Older adults can benefit from socialization activities designed specifically for them.

Originally established in 1973 as a pastoral counseling and outreach ministry of Our Lady of Fatima parish, Fatima Family Center prominently anchors the Hough community with a 26,000 square foot facility developed by Catholic Charities and dedicated in 2000. In 2002 Fatima was recognized by the Annie E. Casey Foundation as one of the top five family centers in the United States.

Here is one story out Fatima as told by an employee…

A single female client came in for an appointment – she was escorted by a case manager from a local resource center.  She need help with past-due rent.

She was prepared and had brought all the proper documents – she, her case manager, and I prepared the paperwork together.  She had also brought a letter indicating another organization would help with a partial payment – the balance left to her that she was seeking assistance from Fatima was $227.

Normally, the most we allocate for rental assistance is $200 – however, after speaking with the client, I knew there was a great need for entire $227.  She was unemployed, on minimal assistance, and was having a hard time making ends meet.  She had committed to a new budgeting system and would enroll in automatic withdrawal for rent to prevent getting behind again in the future.

I indicated that we would be able to assist her with the entire $227.

I learned that different situations require different outcomes – sometimes, we have to give a little more than normal.  Because we are good stewards of our emergency funding, we were able to make an exception for this client.

With the partial payment from Fatima, the local resource center, and the client’s personal payments – she has been able to remain in her apartment for the past four years, continuing to strengthen the Hough community. 


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