Day 6: Make Tomorrow Better Than Yesterday

Today’s story comes from Ashley K., an employee at our St. Martin de Porres Family Center.

A client that benefited from the Moms First program was a single mom of two that struggled to provide a better living for her children. This client had less than high school education, a limited employment history, and also lacked a support system.

When I first met this individual we had a variety of issues to handle – we established three goals:

  • Ensure a stable home for the children.
  • Find employment or volunteer outlet for the mother: whether it be feeding the homeless or volunteering at a business.
  • Furthering her education.

Over the past year, we have met all three goals.  Her children now have a stable home, she volunteers at the child care center her children attend, and she is enrolled as a full-time student. Best of all, I only provided the  resources, she took the initiative toward a better future.

I have learned that no matter what obstacles you have to overcome, you can achieve your goals if you work hard. We put ourselves into certain situations but it’s up to the individual to make tomorrow better than yesterday!

 The Moms First program provides health education and service coordination to expecting mothers during their first trimester through age 2 in order to reduce the Northeast Ohio infant death rate.  The program serves mothers in their first trimester of pregnancy who reside in Cleveland. Thanks to the City of Cleveland Department of Public Health, this service is provided free of charge to anyone that meets the qualifications.

Photo Credit: Steve Liss,


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